Holosync Neurotechnology

Holosync neurotechnology

Holosync is a modern meditation method that creates whole-brain thinking or stereo-thinking.

Holosync is a product that promotes full synchronization of the brain. It is a neurotechnology that has been developed by Centerpointe Research Institute.

Centerpointe was founded in 1989 under the leadership of Bill Harris (from The Secret).

The Power of Whole-Brain Sync

Mozart had whole brain syncHolosync is a modern meditation method that creates whole-brain thinking or stereo-thinking.

Why is that a good thing? Well people like Mozart and Einstein had the power of stereo-thinking.

With whole-brain synchronization any normal person can achieve genius-like capabilities – or so it is believed and so it is promoted by advocates of deep meditation.

So how can you achieve this type of genius level thing?

Practicing Meditation

Well obviously you can learn to mediate.

However, to mediate at the type of deep level it takes to sync our brain to a genius level can take many decades and even then you aren’t guaranteed it will have the affect you are aiming for.

So what is the alternative?


With many stresses and problems present in today’s society, many are trying to find ways to combat stress.

holosync solutionHolosync technology calms the brain’s activity, promotes deeper meditation state, and creates a lasting sense of well-being.

This technology is designed to stimulate deep meditation, promote a healthier lifestyle that can help create a positive change in life, overcome addiction, and relieve stress.

Holosync technology with headphones (headphones are essential to avoid distractions from meditation).

Holosync Centerpointe Review

By listening to certain sounds, brain synchronization takes place over time so this leads to the phenomenon of stereo-thinking.

In stereo thinking, the two halves of the brain cooperate and work simultaneously, which speeds up thinking, increases creativity, etc. (most people usually think with one and then with the other half of the brain).

The goal of this method is to make the person more resistant to stress over time. Sounds create biological changes in the brain.

A neurotic person with suppressed feelings and trauma can not naturally attain such a deep state of relaxation as with Holosync. Mental health is improving.

Holosync, by low frequencies, causes the brain to achieve and maintain itself in this field of low frequencies, so that the brain has no choice but to throw out trauma and suppressed content from the subconscious out, because this deep state, although skillfully challenged, requires the brain to adapt and cure.

The 12 Levels of Holosync

There are 12 levels of Holosync.

The first level is an introduction, while from the second level and further they are use special technologies to incorporate affirmations that we choose, record and send to them depending on which field we want to make progress.

These affirmations are inserted directly into the subconscious so that it bypasses our inner saboteur, and this is some kind of subliminal messages, though much much stronger than the ordinary, so that they can change us from inside.

Holosync Dangers

Is holosync dangerous?

Holosync meditation has had some serious cases of side effects.

People have complained about lack of concentration, low libido, dizziness, feeling lost and unmotivated, restless leg syndrome or temporary memory loss.

Holosync subliminal programs should not be practiced while driving.

Holosync Alternatives

Are there any holosync alternatives?

Yes there are.

Here I will focus on HOLOSYNC vs LIFEFLOW.

Similar meditation neurotechnology is Lifeflow.

Lifeflow brings the effect of deep relaxation, these effects are manifested after several minutes from application, which is not the case with Centerpointe’s Holosync Solution where it takes a little more time.

holosync audio brainwave technologyWhen using holosync many people wrongly believe that it is desirable, but not necessary to have previous experience in meditation.

But, you don’t need any previous meditative experience at all to benefit from the holosync solution program.

Other methods that can give similar results are brainwave recordings that use binaural beats or isochronic tones and , of course, traditional Zen Meditation which gradually reduces frequencies down to 5.5 Hz, which is the range of Theta frequencies.

Theta frequencies are the domain of the unconscious mind.

In theta state, we feel a deep spiritual connection with the universe, lush visualization, inspiration, deep creativity.

The most deeply anchored programs are all on Theta level.

This level of Theta frequencies is also closely linked to REM state (dreaming).