Holosync Alternatives

holosync alternatives isochronic tones

Holosync is an advanced style of neuro audio technology that takes the user into different levels of meditation in an attempt to give them new emotional, spiritual and mental experiences to improve their general wellbeing.

This is done by the entrainment of different electrical alignments in the human brain.

The left and right brain hemispheres are aligned together to create new neuro-connections to attain a state of “whole brain functioning.”

For this to happen, there has to be a balance between the brain hemispheres to enhance the user’s emotional and mental health.

There has been several holosync reviews to ascertain the efficiency of this meditation therapy. We shall further examine its various elements.

How Holosync Works

To reach desirable states in holosync, sound coming into the body through the ears is sent to the human nervous system with a low frequency stimulus.

The sound (music or audio tone) has to be pleasurable to the nervous system to be able to lead it onto to a whole new level of operation.

Sound used for holosync is patterned to trigger the brain onto higher levels that are ordinarily hard to attain.

holosync meditations with headphones

How to Use Holosync

To carry out holosync Centerpointe’s program, a headphone and any technology devices that can play music are needed.

These devices include CD Players, iPad, iPod and smartphones amongst others.

Although a lower sound quality won’t ruin your results, it’s advisable to aim for equipment with good sound quality for a better experience.

You can spend little extra bucks to get good equipment but don’t go overboard.

People often ask if they could do holosync without headphones.

While there’s no rule prohibiting this, it’s been observed through holosync research that participants who use headphones achieve better results than others because it’s an audio-based therapy where frequencies are sent to specific parts of the brain.

This is more effective when the sound directly enters the ears without any distractions. Having headphones of good quality will prevent any damage to your ears.

Holosync Alternatives

There are holosync alternatives that users can choose from.

Holosync uses binaural beats for brain entrainment while some of the alternatives use isochronic tones and other technologies. Many people believe binaural beats are old technology and the new technologies are much better.

The most popular ones include: Lifeflow and OmHarmonics,

Om Harmonics is quite similar to Holosync but operates on a higher degree. It has 2 tracks – 30 minutes and 15 minutes – for users to choose from.

With little or no knowledge about meditation, you can get the most out of it.

In terms of pricing, it comes at a much affordable price in comparison to others.


lifeflow - holosync alternativeLifeflow has a different pattern from the two.

Unlike others that operate on Binaural Beats, it uses Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats.

One can make use of this without necessarily meditating; its advanced technology does most of the job for the user.

Which Is Better?

The contest between HOLOSYNC VS LIFEFLOW is often an amorphous one but we will try to understand some of their fundamental differences.

Lifeflow allows participants to reach deep levels of meditation within a short period of time.

In terms of technology, lifeflow is more superior. Its advanced technology makes it possible for anyone to reach desired realms of meditation without much practice.

Unlike holosync which is more effective with the use of headphones, lifeflow is very effective with or without headphones.

Holosync and Safety

There has been concern over the safety of this meditation therapy with people worried about potential dangers associated with using holosync but most users report only positive results.

Some symptoms of these dangers include anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, short temper .