The Holosync Centerpointe Research Institute Story

holosync by centerpointe

Holosync is one of the vast programs that use sounds and frequencies to ‘entrain the brain.

The program was introduced following a research conducted by the Centerpointe Research Institute. The research aim was to establish the relationship between meditation and personal growth.



Holosync stands out because it is different from other systems that progressively balance the brain. Unlike other systems that are quick to complete, the Holosync program can take up to ten years or goes beyond.

Holosynch has been endorsed by top experts. Evidence to show the programme is highly rated.

Many people have said the Holsynch program works because they start to feel calmer, less stressed, to meditate in a deeper way and become more prosperous.

pros cons of holosyncIn fact, there is an overall improvement in their well-being.

The product is reported extremely useful to newbies.

Those new to meditating with no clue where to start.


Holosync program is said to create mood swings in people. Therefore, it is seen not a suitable product for those with a history of emotional difficulties.

Another down side to the product is its price is costly. Moreover, there is no 100% evidence to prove it works or its completely safe to use.

It is difficult to give the final verdict for this product, judging from the reviews customers leave behind.

Although the product works for some people, to others it is not that good.



Holosync meditation brings a person to a level of consciousness and in a good state of mind that is able to solve pressing problems.

holosyncHolosync drags up all the hurtful emotional feeling of the past, brings out all the shadows lurking in people’s lives to learn from them and then move on.

If feelings remain buried, avoided and numbed, they will bring out feelings of unpleasantness.

The Holosync meditation empowers people. It gives them the ability be in full control to focus on something.

Especially those struggling with getting rid of unpleasant habits without success.



Just like any other brainwave entrainment program, Holosync is subject to scrutiny. The reason is the program deals with what matters most to people, which is the brain.

Therefore, there must be 100% evidence to prove its safe.

It seems there is more controversy surrounding the programme than tangible evidence to prove to people it’s the real deal.

Those who have used the product reported it creates a dependence syndrome.

Implying they have to use it for rest of their lives and would fail to function properly when they come off the program.

Some people have experienced extremely side effects after using the product.



Like everything in life there are alternatives to the Holosync Solution.

1. Relax and Sleep Well, which is a high-quality hypnosis and mediation app by Glenn Harrold.

2. Neuro-Programmer, is a flexible software that changes brain wave activity directly connected to your state of mind.

3. The Relaxation Response video by Herbert Benson, accesses innate capacity to counteract the harmful effects of stress.

4. Kindle entitled Megabrain: New Tools And Techniques For Brain growth And Mind Expansion by Hutchison, Michael M.

5. The Hypnosis Go programmes by Kym Tolson.

6. Brain Evolution System (Brainev). Chief Developer, Michael Kelley.



Both products are brainwave entrainment products used to enhance the brain for various purposes.

Although the Holosync technologies enhance relaxation and general improvement of brain function, they don’t go as deep as the Lifeflow programme.

Holosync alternative - LifeflowThe benefits of using Holosync are short term but very effective during sleep time.

Holosync doesn’t train the brain, instead it influences the brain at that time it’s being used. When you stop using it, the influence also ends.

The moment you start using Lifeflow, you start to feel its effects there and then unlike the Holosync program whose effects take a while to be felt.

To add, the Lifeflow program starts from level 10 down to 1.

You start with going through a deep state of meditation which gradually subsides as you move to Level 1.

There are minor cases reported about Lifeflow side effects compared to Holosync where people have complained. Issues raised include lack of concentration and uneven patterns of.

Coming to the Brainwave Entrainment Method, Lifeflow uses three types of beats to work harmoniously for the whole brain synchronization.

Holosync uses binaural beats only with waves that succeed each other in descending order.

Final Verdict

Holosync is downgraded by side effects unlike So Lifeflow.