Holosync Meditation Dangers

Holosync meditation is a brain entertainment process that is designed to get rid of negative emotions.

The binaural beats that lie behind holosync is a process that was created in 1973 by a medical professional named Dr. Gerald Oster.

However, the process was further developed by two men named Bill Harris and Wes Wait. These two individuals wanted to know if holosync meditation was a valid therapeutic process.

Centerpointe Beginnings

Bill Harris Featured in The SecretIn 1989 they started to conduct experiments holosync. meditation with a few friends. Their research led them to believe that this process works.

Ultimately, their research proved that this form of meditation does work. The people involved in the research group stated that they underwent a deep mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

In this holosync review, this meditative process will be evaluated for any potential dangers and side effects.

What exactly is Holosync Meditation?

The holosync Centerpointe program known as the holosync solution is a meditative practice. That is the modern name of this process.

People who prescribe to this form neuro treatment are given brain entertainment procedures which helps to remove negative energy from a person’s body. Dr. Oster figured out that when a person’s brain is exposed to precise frequencies, it causes their electrical brain wave patterns to resonate.

Various audio tones are used to change the various electrical patterns in their head.

What are the dangers associated with this practice?

Many people wonder if this process is dangerous to a person’s mental state or health. Other considerations such as side effects will also be evaluated.

The first thing you must know is that there has not been any credible evidence that proves holosync does not work.

the holosync solution meditation program by CenterpointeAlso, there is no proof that holosync is dangerous or that any dangers exists at all when using it.

All holosync research has been conducted throughout the years.

Researchers eventually figured out that holosync meditation can impact a person’s mental functions.

It is able to create negative mental states in patients. However, this is the way this process is supposed to work.

Remember that holosync meditation brings up the negative aspects of a person’s memory.

It forces people to deal with the negative energies that impacts their mental health.

When this happens, it can make a person feel extremely uncomfortable. Some people also discovered that holosync meditation sometimes causes sharp pinches inside of a person’s head.

It could also temporarily impede a person’s short-term memory. There have been other reports of people experiencing dizziness, lack of concentration and disturbing sleeping patterns.

Other potential issues that could develop from this problem includes lack of motivation, low libido and extreme cravings for food.

Other Important Points to Remember about Holosync

Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that a person will experience any of these problems by using holosync meditation.

There are other holosync alternatives that try do the same thing. One alternative is known as Lifeflow.

Holosync vs Lifeflow, these two processes have been frequently compared. However, many people find the holosync brand to be more effective.

Centerpointe’s holosync processes are available at different centers, hospitals, and neurological centers.

Holosync meditation takes years to complete and results will vary for each patient.

A Holosync Sample