One to One MeditationThe unity of Science and Meditation

TEXT HERE....Techniques such as electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance are used to get a good understanding of what’s going on in the brain, and show the changing of connections that come with the benefit of meditation. EEG records electrical activity produced by the brain neuron’s, done by putting electrodes around the head. EEG’s can tell if a person is awake, asleep because the brains patterns change in each state. During a meditation in Norway, participants were told to rest with eyes closed for twenty minutes, then meditate for twenty minutes. EEG results picked up, relaxed attention in the theta, which indicates deep relaxation. There were silent experiences in the alpha, which helps with putting things into perspective in day-day life. The EEG picked up delta waves that were different to being asleep, proving that meditation is not sleep.

Functional magnetic resonance is a type of brain scan that uses a magnetic field to create images of brain activity in each area of the brain. The person lies on a bed in a large cylindrical structure which has a large magnet. The FMRI detects the amount of blood flow in each region and can pick up neurons firing around the brain. During a love and kindness mediation, an FMRI picked up activation in the left medial cortex extending to the anterior cingulate gyrus. Activation was also picked up in the left midbrain close to the hypothalamus. These finds all benefit feelings of empathy and being genuinely happy.

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