Centerpointe Holosync Review


This review takes a closer look at holosync, what it is and what it can do for you.

I will do an unbiased Centerpointe holosync review so that you can decide for yourself as to its effectiveness and whether it lives up to its hype or not.

What Does Holosync Entail?

Holosync is a meditation method for individuals unfamiliar with the process and struggling to meditate.

It is a therapy method that trains your brain to meditate without negative effects.

When a brain is subjected to specific sounds, the characteristics of brain patterns change according to specific frequencies.


centerpointe holosync meditation

Holosync Meditation Benefits

There are several things you will learn using this program, including:

Your state of mind alters into a positive being and you will experience changes like better sleeping, accept change in your life positively, your happiness levels will increase significantly.

You will experience accelerated personal and professional growth.

holosync logoYou will be able to feel more compassion, kindness, and gentleness within yourself.

The end goal of Centerpointe’s holosync program is not only to learn meditation as you learn better ways to live and share your life with other people.

The meditation is only one of the parts of the entire Centerpointe program.

What can you  expect from using the Centerpointe holosyc solution?

Here are a few things:

  • You might feel emotional after a successful session, however that is a positive emotion and it means personal growth and that the program indeed works.
  • You do not need complete isolation like with many other mediation programs.

Possible Side Effects of Holosync

While all reviews are positive and thousands of people using this program, some do look at possible holosync meditation dangers too.

It is possible that memory loss can occur; while other users reported mild pinches at the center of their heads. Short tempered, sleeping pattern changes, panics, cravings, loss of motivation have also been reported.

What You Will Achieve With Holosync

When you suffer from depression and feel ungrounded without focus in your life and basically just living from one day to another, you obviously need help.

When you use the Holosync program you will notice changes in your life.

You cannot expect miracles and it is no immediate cure for the lost feeling you are experiencing.

However, gradually, you will behave with dedication, your thoughts will become clearer than before, and your focus in life will return.

You will also feel the blanket of depression lifting until it disappears.

Centerpointe Founders

centerpointe logoTwo individuals, Wes Wait and Bill Harris started the Research Institute of Centerpointe in 1989.

Both men had a keen love and interest in personal growth and meditation. Years of holosync research was completed prior to starting their Institute.

After reading a medical research article in 1973, the research into mind-altering through sound started in earnest.

Using technology, the idea behind Holosync is to achieve the deepest possible level of meditation

Holosync Sample

Below is a video sample of the Holosync Solution introductory level known a s”Prologue”.


Other Brainwave Programs

Individuals who want to compare this program with other brainwave altering treatments and meditation techniques can look for holosync alternatives.

Several similar programs varying in price such as Zen 12 also comes with complete CD package to help you achieve dedicated meditation.

Difference Between LifeFlow and Holosync

If you place two programs that offer similar techniques against each other for example comparing holosync vs Lifeflow, you will find that most individuals look at the price tag first.

While Holosync is the more expensive program, there are other differences too.


LifeFlow is predominantly a meditation program that works with alpha soundtracks. These alpha waves are a normal occurrence in individuals especially during waking hours.

If you relax and close your eyes, you might experience natural alpha waves.

These waves are what Lifeflow concentrates on and they continue to use the same waves only at a more intense level as time goes on and you continue to use for several months.

Continue to use this meditation program for a year and you will find the waves starting to decrease as you are supposed to experience them naturally as your brain is used to it.

Holosync Review Summary

The meditation technique offered by Holosync does not use alpha waves, they believe in using “brute force”. When you start with the program, delta waves are used.

The reason behind using more advanced waves is to overload your brain and through this, you supposedly recognize the true potential of your brain and what your brain is capable of.

Holosync does not have long-term effects and influences your brain whenever you choose to do so.

Both programs offer free trials when you want to try either first before taking the plunge. In addition, can you also use the free demos offered by both.